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The business of real estate is about buying, selling, or renting land, buildings or housing. Real estate is an integral aspect of our lives as it is one of the most important assets any individual or business possesses in its lifetime. It is therefore crucial to leave the buying, selling, leasing, or development of real estate to experts in the field. Our clients range from multinational companies to first home owners. Our team is skilled, committed, responsive and results-driven. It is our mission to be the leading independently owned real estate business in the north-western Sydney district. At the core of our business is our dedication to creating meaningful and strong long-term relationships with our clients by giving them certainty and honest, tailored advice as to their real estate decisions through our competitive professional expertise and in-depth knowledge of the property market.

Our Core Values


Some are in the profession to make a quick buck but not us. At Mountview Real Estate, we are fair and genuinely focused on our clients best interests. We provide services tailored to our client’s specific needs and constraints. To us you are not just another potential listing. We enjoy our work and we do it well. We enjoy working with and not against our colleagues, we want to work with clients we enjoy and we believe that our integrity and no-nonsense personalities is conducive to the success of your real estate decision and a strong long-term relationship.


We will not tell you what you want to hear because you want to hear it. We will tell you what you don’t want to hear if it is the truth. We don’t believe in providing inflated price guides in order to stay competitive. We believe in being 100% truthful in all our dealings, even if it means presenting unexpected news. The market speaks for itself and it is our professional skills and in-depth industry knowledge that will produce a successful outcome for you.


Having our clients’ best interests at heart ensures we provide high quality customer service each and every time. Whether you are buying or selling, a multinational company or a first home owner, we will take care of you and commit our time and energy to providing flawless client service.


Our team is results-driven. We work hard to produce successful outcomes which meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We are focused on being one of the best real estate businesses in Sydney. Our independence means that we do not gain credit because of how many agency franchises we own, but for the results we achieve – with facts and figures to back it up.

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Mountview Real Estate
1.03/5 Celebration Dr (Alpha Building)
Bella Vista NSW 2153

Ph:02 8883 3592
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