Thinking of Selling?

Thinking of Selling ?


1. Choosing a High Quoting Agent

Choosing an agent based on their appraisal could be the biggest mistake you make! Why? Because Real Estate Agents are not accountable for the price they quote unless they guarantee in writing to achieve that price (or charge you nothing). If in doubt, don list with them!

2. Using a Discounter

Cheap agents get cheap prices. If an Agent discounts their own pay they will also discount your price to buyers. Remember... The cheapest Agent is not the Agent that charges the least, it is the Agent that gets you the highest price. Choose an Agent who is a good negotiator. They will earn their fee by the higher price they achieve for you.

3. No Buyer Records

Very few Real Estate Agents keep detailed records of buyers. Beware of any Agent who says "I might have a buyer for you". Insist on seeing the Agents database of buyers and if they don't have one, don't list with them!

4. Not Setting The Scene

Presenting your property in the best possible manner will impress buyers & assist with the sale. Be guided by your Agent on how to add some sparkle to your home without unnecessary

5. Not Trusting Your Agent

An honest Real Estate Agent should provide you with references from satisfied clients.

Ask yourself....

Do I feel comfortable with this agent?

Can I trust them to look after my most valuable asset?

If its not a resounding "Yes" ... don't hire them.

Whether you are thinking of selling, or would just like an estimate of the value of your home in the current market - our property professionals are here to help.

As an independent real estate agency, we tailor our service to match each and every client’s individual needs. Our team will be happy to spend the time to explain and discuss the options available to you.

If further professional services are needed, whether it is solicitors, mortgage brokers or interior designers - we can put you in touch with the right people.

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